our studio
Under the creative direction of artist/founder Marcia Stuermer and based in San Francisco, Stuermer Studios creates innovative, customized resin work for architects, designers, end clients and art connoisseurs that is unsurpassed. With our unique translucent resin product we offer our clients extremely beautiful, captivating site-specific architectural applications and also provocative works of art for both corporate and residential collections. With a strong commitment to sustainability, we have also developed some fun and functional accessories with a modern, minimalist aesthetic through our closed-loop production process that minimizes all waste from our creation processes.

our process
We love working with other creatives, so give us a shout or send us an email to see how we might work together on a project! With a focused, artistic approach, we work in collaboration with all of our clients to put a sophisticated, creative fingerprint on their projects whether for large installations or individual designs for both residential and commercial applications. Since all of our work is custom, we initiate the process with a dialogue to establish the exact aesthetic, conceptual and physical needs for the proposed application. From there we then determine the optimal production methods, materials, composition, color, translucency and other elements needed to create the desired work and provide the client with a custom quotation. Upon quotation approval, we submit a detailed proposal contract with estimated timeline and move forward with the actual creation. 

our product
Artistic alchemy is behind each and every custom project we create, from our home/office product designs to large-scale installations by transforming translucent resin into the most beguiling design solutions that are not only visually captivating but with physical properties beyond compare. All of our hand-poured custom resin work is fully customizable to reach each and every project’s particular aesthetics and functional needs and each project is milled to client specs and completely finished so that it is ready to install upon delivery.

All of our custom work is sumptuously gorgeous with amazing visual depth, translucency and a warm, seductive feel to the touch. Not merely a diverse building product or solid surface material, our works are extraordinary and distinctive creations that provide dynamic choices for a myriad of applications. Possible thickness of our resin product ranges from 3/4" to over 3" and can be requested in single continuous pieces up to 50" x 110". We provide all of the CNC milling on projects in order to deliver our creations to clients exactly as specified, in almost any shape, quantities and with a variety of edge and surface finishes.

With a wide spectrum of possible interior and exterior applications including countertops, tabletops, stair treads, floor inserts, landscaping pavers, doors, feature walls, room dividers, bathroom vanities, shower enclosures, handrail panels and more- our unique resin product offers amazing functionality. Our unique structural resin work is made up of a proprietary 3-layer system that is stain, scratch, impact and UV-resistant and boasts a maintenance-free and completely renewable surface that functions beautifully both indoors and out. It's FDA food-approved prep surface that withstands temperatures up to 212˚F making it an ideal choice for kitchen or restaurant applications.

Sustainability is very important to us at Stuermer Studios as evidenced in our ‘renewal’ series using embedded re-purposed materials, our accessories from our closed-loop production and our ongoing liquidation program where we promote a reuse plan that culls our project overruns and seconds to optimize efficiency of our production processes and to eliminate waste. We have a continual, but limited stock of resin remnants in various sizes, shapes, colors and thicknesses that we offer our clients at significant savings. This allows us to simultaneously provide our unique high-quality resin work at the best value to our clients whose small projects might not be suited to the normal pricing of custom, one-off work. Just contact us with the specifics of your smaller application and we'll check to see what we have in our remnant stock to suit your needs. Another full-cycle, re-use program that is a win/win scenario for all!

In addition, our resin product can be commercially recycled and can garner various LEED credits for projects. Clients wanting the most LEED credits can request projects created with plant-based and/or post consumer content.